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 Post subject: Social Application - Blackessence
PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:32 am 
CC Breaker
CC Breaker

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What is your Time Zone?:


Main Character's Name (Alts are welcome, but lets get to know one another first):

Blackessence lvl 16 – I would eventually like to consolidate my toons to one server/faction/guild

What are your main character's specs, and which one is your preferred role?:

First time I’ve played a lock since Vanilla, so I’m switching a lot right now.

What other guilds have you been in, experiences you've had, and what are you looking for in Horderlies?

I was in a handful of guilds(Lithium is the only one that I remember) on Illidan(US) during Vanilla. I was able to hit every raid except for Nax. The week I got the attunement done my dad shipped to Iraq, so I moved back to help my mom and sister. They were still on Dial-Up at that time.

I was in Team Hate on Coilfang(US) during Wrath. It was run by and composed of RL friends. I was able to make it through normal ICC before my daughter was born.

I came back to Cata and used the in-game guild finder to get into a casual Alliance guild called Oldschool on Shadowsong. My Horde toons are all in an auto-invite guild(Insurgence) on Coilfang.

Are you applying for PVP, Raid or Social reasons? (PVP/Raid spots may be limited. If social, please indicate if you are also wanting to invite additional friends or family):

I’m applying for Social reasons. None of my RL friends are playing together any longer, so I’m searching for that nice warm guild feeling.

Mumble (an alternative to Ventrilo) is required to raid if a spot becomes available.
Will you install/use Mumble and Do you have a working Mic?:

Have it, have not had the occasion to use it yet.

Raid times are Friday nights, sometimes Thursday nights. When are you available?:

Daughter’s bedtime is @ 20:00 EST, doubt I’ll be able to make many(if any)

Does your character have the proper Gear and Item Enhancements for the role you're looking to fill?

Lvl 16…not even close! :-D

Is there anything else you would like to share that we should take into consideration?

If the Horderlies and I fit well together, then eventually I would like to transfer my toons to Deathwing. It takes a good bid of convincing my wife before I’m able to spend extra money on WoW…but it can be done eventually.

Also, This is FamosAmos.

Is there anything you would like to ask us or have clarified?:

Cross realm zones….good or bad?


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