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 Post subject: JOIN HORDERLIES: Application Form & Recruitment Status
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 5:50 am 
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You MUST be over the age of 21 to join via recruitment, however, on rare occasions we've allowed under 21 with exceptional applications, attitude and aptitude.
  • DO NOT contact guild leadership directly with your application. Applications are intentionally meant to be public and on display for all officers and even members to review.

PODCAST FANS, Please Read:
    Because of our open invitation policy for Family & Friends, by inviting 1 person we're potentially inviting many. By opening the door to fans of The Training Dummies & Hearthcast we're potentially opening some serious floodgates of people, personalities and Culture shock that we're not prepared for. (Keep in mind we've been a small guild of RL Friends & Family since 2005. Hearthcast members began joining in 2011).
      • If you are a Podcast fan but are not a Real Life friend or family of a current Horderlies member or Hearthcast crew, Please register for the forums and then fill out a guild application and post it for review. Please be sure to read what we're looking for from applicants regardless of Social or PVP/Raid interests.
      • Your application to Horderlies will be reviewed by Horderlies officers who will post a reply if it is accepted or rejected.
      • Before investing your time and money into a server transfer, please make sure your application is accepted!

Family, Friends and Co-workers:
    - With a few exceptions Horderlies is made up mostly of real life friends, Co workers and family. IF you are one of these, Great, just let us know and you're invited. Social Invites are not guaranteed to get into progression raiding, but anyone may sign up on the calendar and see what happens.

What We Need:
  • Mains. We're not interested in being a stepping stone for your alts only to watch them leave for other guilds, or a place for you to log in once a month. We want people that are interested and active in our community.
  • Willing players with patience and skill and a desire to grow with our community. We're a very social group of people and you are almost always going to get the help you need if people have the time to assist.
  • If you show us an effort, we're going to respond with an effort. These are the kind of community players we enjoy inviting into the guild and expect of others regardless of skill level or position applied for.
    (Consider this when filling out the application)

10 man Raid Progression:
Core Raid Spot Availability: (Open, Standby, Closed)
(Raids are Friday Nights, and sometimes Thursday nights. Start Times are posted on the in-game calendar but are generally 8:00pm to 8:30pm server time)

SUMMER PLAYERS: Summer hits most guilds pretty hard. If you're looking for a new home this could be a good chance to see if this is the right home for you all year long! We could use consistent players during the summer to fill in either as seasonal raid fill ins, or possibly permanent raid spots.
Raid Specific Applicants: This is a commitment YOU are making to 9 other people that you are going to do the best you can to help them succeed.
Keep in mind that, In a raid, it's not "Your time/Your game" anymore, you're sharing a commitment with other people that are also dedicating their time to you.
  • You must have a few select addons and programs to aid in group coordination.
    • Such as Raid Warning addons, Use Guild's current VoIP etc.
  • You must have all appropriate gems, enchants, glyphs, profession bonuses etc.
  • Be self motivated to gear up outside of raiding to the best of your ability (rep/valor/crafted/5m drops etc.)

    Healing (3/10): Availability: Open.
    • We're looking for something around 30k HPS-ish. If you are interested in core raid healing spots are extremely limited, but do sometimes open. If you have a dual Healing/DPS spec and are willing to do either role, please mention this ability in your application.

    DPS (5/10): Availability: Open.
    • 60k DPS minimum. Be reliable and know your class. Since Core raid spots for DPS can change with the wind we'll always consider you If you're a reliable player with a good attitude, show up on time, and can bring your role.

    Tanks (2/10): Availability: Closed. Spots only open to sub ins due to RL issues (Vacation, Family, Sick, etc.)
    • Tanking backups are always welcome, but there is no core raid spot open without beginning a second 10m group.

DEATHKNIGHTS: Deathknights are welcome to the guild, however I Normally do not recruit DeathKnights by themselves, ever, as they are usually people's alts, alts from another server. Our experience is that because of this and the DKs high starting level, there are few DKs that are played well or seriously that aren't already in a well established guild. Recruitment for any DK classes is highly unlikely, However, if you really feel we're the guild for you, please convince us in your application.

5 man/Heroics and Social Invites:
Looking to check us out, see how we are? While we are not a leveling guild, we do occasionally do social invitations outside of referrals of other members. Also, 5-mans are generally run all week long and often multiple times a day. If you're looking to get a feel for the guild you should apply as a social applicant.
  • Anyone may apply for a social invite. Not all applications will be accepted if we feel you are not a good fit for Horderlies, so please fill your application out with that in mind.
    • We consider in-house members for raid spots before attempting new raid recruits whenever possible.

                Application Form:                
    - If you haven't yet, please read about the behaviors we expect of all Guild members at:
    Raiding, Mains, Alts, PUGs and other behavior
    Copy the form below, then go Here to start new topic to post your application.
    (You have to be registered to post your app.
    The Anti-BOT code is: Dru1d)

    Copy/paste this into a new post. Answer these questions for a formal Raid/Guild Application :::: Hoofit wrote:

    What is your Time Zone?:

    Main Character's Name (Alts are welcome, but lets get to know one another first):

    What are your main character's specs, and which one is your preferred role?:

    What other guilds have you been in, experiences you've had, and what are you looking for in Horderlies?

    Are you applying for PVP, Raid or Social reasons? (PVP/Raid spots may be limited. If social, please indicate if you are also wanting to invite additional friends or family):

    Mumble (an alternative to Ventrilo) is required to raid if a spot becomes available.
    Will you install/use Mumble and Do you have a working Mic?:

    Raid times are Friday nights, sometimes Thursday nights. When are you available?:

    Does your character have the proper Gear and Item Enhancements for the role you're looking to fill?

    Is there anything else you would like to share that we should take into consideration?

    Is there anything you would like to ask us or have clarified?:

Unregistered Guests:
    You must register to post/apply (This is to prevent spam bots). Until you are registered you will only be able to see/read these introductory topics.

    If you've filled out an application (Through the Guild Finder in-game, or on these forums) and still had no response, Open up your social window and click on the "WHO" tab and type in "Horderlies" into the text window or simply type "/who horderlies" in your chat bar. Ask for an officer to review your application. Ask questions or request a test run via raid/dungeon finder (if anyone is available for a dungeon).

    These were made as other modes of communication. Largely a great way to slack off at work for those with internet access. However, the forums still provide a great deal of information. There are "Registered Only" sections not viewable by non-members with all sorts of info or discussion. The Chat Room is on a separate user database intentionally so if you want to use it, sign up for it too, it is free to use.

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